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Rockstar Shellac Nails Plymouth by "OKSANA" BEAUTY SALON Plymouth
CND Shellac Rockstar Nails Plymouth by "OKSANA" BEAUTY SALON Plymouth
Hair, beauty, nails, salon, cut, trim, manicure, pedicure, facial, shampoo, condition, Shellac, CND, tanning, tan, perm, Bridal makeup, bleaching, highlights, lash eyebrow, streaking, HD eye brows, dyeing, coloring, prom, weddings, treatment, pamper, spa, salon, health, skin, Plymouth, beauty salon, City Centre, waxing, exfoliate, beautician, aromatherapy, massage, style. 
CND Shellac Rockstar Nails Plymouth by "OKSANA" BEAUTY SALON Plymouth

Hot Stone Therapy Plymouth
Hot Stone Therapy Plymouth
3D LASHES semi permanent eyelash extensions
Create Longer, Thicker and Fuller Look
Eyelash extensions create the longer, thicker and fuller look that women desire.  It is the perfect way to attract attention and create effortless glamour.  Eyelash Extensions are worn by almost every female celebrity.

  3D Beauty's eyelash extensions—3D Lashes—are the safest, most hygienic and customer-satisfying application method on the market. 3D-Lashes last up to two months, are weightless on your eyes, and resistant to water, showering, perspiration, exercise, tears, swimming, and even sleeping. 

Why 3D lashes and not traditional false lashes?

Designed to thicken and lengthen the natural eyelashes, 3d Lash Extensions are nothing like "traditional false lashes" which are produced in clumps of about 5 or 6 and are stuck to your own eyelashes with self-adhesive and last a couple of days. 3D Lashes are individual lashes which are applied to each of your own lashes to give a fabulous natural look. Made to be identical to natural lashes the 3d lash base is flat and the lash tip is fine and polished, just like real lashes.

How 3D Lashes applied?
Via a state-of-the-art technique 'one' 3d Lash Extension is applied directly to the your own lash and this is repeated until the you have a full set of 3d Lash Extensions. This creates the illusion of fuller, thicker more defined lashes.

Do my 3D lashes need maintaining?
Like your nails and the hair on your head, your individual eyelashes grow out on a continuous cycle of replenishment. The average cycle is about 90 days. 
While some individual eyelash extensions may last for weeks and weeks, to ideally maintain the thickness and fullness and for best results, we recommend you to top up about every 2-3 weeks. 
Remember the number of lash extensions that can be applied will be limited to the number of available natural lashes.

Before your first treatment...
For the best results we recommend you have an eyelash tint a day or 2 before your 
3D Lashes are applied, especially if your own lashes are fair. A free patch test for both 
eyelash tinting and 3D Lashes is required at least 48 hours before your first treatment.
3D Lashes, Eyelash extensions
Bfore and After 3D Lashes, emipermanent Eyelash extensions
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